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The people in our lives

Alan and Pam, Devon, England - September 2010
Amanda - April 2010
Amanda and Bryn - January 2011
Amanda with her best friend - August 2000
Brian, Sienna, Italy - April 2002
Brian about to fly a Tiger Moth - August 2000
Cowboy hat shop, Teluride, USA - July 2001
Dick on his sixtieth birthday
Dick and Ann - June 2010
Elsa with her retirement presents from EHS
Jon, Monaco - October 2009
Kees and Inge, Alpen, Holland - New Year 2002
Larry and Di, Rocky Mountains, Colorado - July 2001
Mark at the British Adult Championships 2009
Nadine, Monaco - October 2009
Peter and Norma, Jaguar Museum, Coventry, England - September 2003
Richard and Fiona, Scotland - May 2009
Elsa and Brian, The London Eye - Ruby Wedding Celebration
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