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Japan 2008

Our tour of Japan by rail in April 2008

Kyoto Tower
Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto
The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto
The Golden Pavilion garden, Kyoto | Comments: 2
Nijo Castle gateway, Kyoto
Kyoto Temple garden
Cherry blossom
Buddhist Temple, Kyoto
Graham at prayer, Kyoto
Mary and Elsa with mother and daughter from Taiwan
Geisha  District at night, Kyoto
Kintetsu Express rail trip to Nara
Monk seeking charity in Nara
Todaiji Temple gateway, Nara | Comments: 2
Wooden Todaiji Temple, Nara
Largest Buddha in the world, Nara
Kasuga Shinto Shrine Gate, Nara
Kasuga Shinto Shrine , Nara
Kasuga Shinto Shrine , Nara
Lanterns at the Kasuga Shinto Shrine , Nara
Shinkansen bullet train, Kyoto rail station
165 miles per hour train!
Peace Memorial Dome, Hiroshima
River lunch, Hiroshima

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